Sewer work for the Town of Batavia in the City of Batavia – River Street Crossing

Property/Resident Notification – (October 6, 2023)

Road Work – Sewer Main Installation

River Street and South Main – City of Batavia

To all motorists, businesses, and property owners along River Street from Main Street to South Main Street as well as South Main Street at the River Street intersection in the City of Batavia:

A sewer force main will be installed starting next Tuesday, October 10 with work lasting for approximately 2 weeks. The sewer will cross River Street just north of South Main and will run south on River Street along the eastern sidewalk and grass area where it will connect to an existing sewer on South Main Street at the River Street intersection. The road will be open cut and plated until the work is complete, then the asphalt will be patched, and sidewalks restored. Work will take place between the hours of 7:00 am and 4:30 pm during weekdays.

All efforts will be made to maintain access to and from the properties. Properties and drivers will experience delays during the road crossing and the road restoration work. The sidewalk along the east side of River Street will be closed.

Motorists will experience changing traffic patterns to include temporary one-way movements, temporary stoppages and flagging operations as the work progresses. All efforts will be made to get motorists to and from their destination with minimum delay. The work is weather dependent and poor weather could extend the timeframe.

If there are any questions concerning this work, please contact the Town of Batavia – Engineering Department at 585-343-1729 ext 240