To: All Staff, GAM, Daily News, Batavian, WBTA, GCC Radio Station:

The Town of Batavia has initiated the first phase of actions and precautions deemed necessary to continue to protect Town Officers, staff and residents from the consequences of contagions such as colds, flu, and the corona virus. We will continue to clean and sanitize facilities as recommended by Public Health Agencies. We will restrict non-essential trainings, reduce unnecessary contact between staff members and the public. We will post and distribute Health Self-Assessment Checklists to all staff. We have identified essential staff and will be conferencing as many times a day as needed to address the rapidly evolving concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue expanding our partnership with other public and private agencies to find efficiencies in our response. We ask that all persons having business with the Town and Town Court to please take the time to call, check our website, or email and ask for the best and safest way to transact or conduct business.