Assessment Update Project

Town of Batavia Assessor announces mailing of preliminary assessment values as part of the Assessment Update Project, Full Value Assessments will be mailed to property owners in the Town of Batavia starting April 10.

Town Assessor, Rhonda M Saulsbury, announces beginning April 10th, 2024, Change of Assessment Notices will be mailed to property owners within the Town.  Instructions will be included with each notice indicating the procedure for requesting an informal review, how to obtain forms and where to get information.  Ms. Saulsbury reminds property owners to review the full market value estimate found on the Change of Assessment Notification. If you do not agree with this estimate AND can offer proof for a change, you can follow the process of filing a challenge.  Informal reviews will be held during the months of April & May.  Appointments are required with email submissions preferable. 

Information regarding property assessments, inventory data and sale information will be available beginning April online at:

The Town of Batavia strives to maintain a 100% equalization rate (sale price to assessment ratio) which means that we aim to keep our assessments at 100% full market value across all property types. To accomplish this we do regular re-valuations and make adjustments accordingly during the assessment update project. Values can adjust due to both physical changes and/or market changes. 

As part of this process, we run each property through our appraisal software system, comparing the building style, square footage, year built, bedrooms, baths, lot size, et cetera, against the recent sale data. We then do field review to determine the fair full market value based on the aforementioned data.